Sunday, September 13, 2009

ENT Doctor:"I am happy for you"

We re trying to found out what caused Sam's vocal cord not moving. So many things happened to the boy and so many possibilities ; brain damage due to lack of oxygen when he turned blue several times, something pressed on nerves or muscle besides the vocal cord,chemotherapy though small .dose,heart problems.So they did MRI on brain, echo on his neck. Good news : nothing wrong.
Finally doctor did airway scope again.A simple one without anesthesia :
"Minimum movement on the right side of vocal cord."she claimed gladly.
There are acidic reflux ( doctor term of vomit ) seen that makes the airway swollen.Hopefully after doing surgery on his tummy to stop the vomit, the vocal cords move stronger."I am happy for you."the doctor said.
Now, we feel enthusiastic on the surgery
 New Hope on the way !

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