Sunday, September 13, 2009

Doctor Check up - Cardiologist

Sam spent half last week for doctor's check up.It s a marathon.Our Cardiologist found from echocardiogram that the heart condition is much better and its pressure already normal. He decided to stop diuretic medications at all ! Instead of 5 medicines, now its only 3 medicines ;propanolol,ranitidine and tyroxine.Hurray !
Tyroid test : turn out to be normal even on a reduced dosage of tyroxine.
Liver Ultrasound : making a good progress.Propanolol cut down into half dosage, to 1.5 mg/kg/day.
We re on the track of 'getting rid off ' medications.Really hope that when the time comes for oral feeding one day, it will be the day of  Sam s having nice and delicious foods; chicken soup,orange juice,apple pie... and no bitter taste of medicines.Gee, remember how terrible it was when our mom / dad force us to drink medications when we were children ?

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