Sunday, March 15, 2009

Machines & Tubes

Samuel has been discharged again from hospital at 3 March 2009.Currently Sam still stay in Singapore while weaning from all machines we rent.FYI, JC Foundation, in Singapore by their generousity help us paying the rental fee of those machines until 13 May 2009. We pray Sam will be off those machines before the date.
Currently Sam is practising to breath with Oxigen ( without BIPAP ) for 1 hour a day. We plan to slowly increase the practising time until he may breath comfortably without BIPAP for the whole day.The weaning process itself will need Sam to be staying in hospital again  but we would pray and practising first until Sam is ready.As Sam is using BIPAP, Oxigen concentrator, humidifier, feeding machine and suction machine, we realize that there is still a journey to go for little Sam but we believe that this time the journey would not be so difficult. Our friend said, like riding a roller coaster, we do hope that there will be no more sliding down.

On 11 & 16 March, accidently Sam pulled out his feeding tube. A big smile on his face ! He looked so relieve and happy.Unfortunately for Sam , we need to put back the tube in hospital.Now we put mitten on his hands as he keep trying to pull out the tube.

Picture 1 : Sam is learning to lift his head.Many things to catch up, little Sam ! 

Picture 2: Sam s tummy is much smaller.The short and long line on his tummy are the surgery cuts.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No BIG Heart

After 3 days out of hospital, Sam admit back to hospital due to high fever & vomit. Docs pretty sure that its viral with a kind of flu sympton. God works in all things to bring goodness for those who love him. This time God show doctors that Sam's heart much smaller & they cut down the medication. The tumor used to consume his blood cells, but not anymore! For the first time, his Hb is 14. We believe no more tumor. SAM is healed. Now he is staying in ICU, room no. 9. But surely, he'll be coming home soon.


It is great to be out of hospital! Sam start slow bolus feeding milk was given every 3 hours via tube. It is one step closer to normal feed by mouth. His liver is shrinking & his haemoglobin becoming normal. PRAISE GOD.