Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Independence Day"

What a busy day ! Seeing 3 doctors in a day.Blood test - good result but no change in medication dosage. How we want to get rid all those medicines.
Liver - smaller and soft.Need to do next Doppler ultrasound in September.
ENT ( THT in bahasa ) - they did a scope to check the vocal cord.Doctor told us both side of the vocal cord are moving but the left side seem weaker.But to know whether it affect Sam's voice , need to wait until Sam is free of trachea tube when we can hear Sam's voice.
Good news - They schedule Sam to do the airway scope at 11 August 2009 .Still need to put Sam under general anesthesia. They want to check whether the airway area just above the trachea tube has already opened.( it was 80 % collapse last time they did the scope ).Should it still not healed yet, they want to do implant surgery to take a part of Sam's body- we don't know from where - and put it into his airway. Such a scary and unnecessary surgery !
 We believe Sam's airway has already perfectly 100 % opened.
Between Singapore Independence Day ( 9 August ) and Indonesia Independence Day ( 17 August ), 11 August will be an "Independence Day" for Sam . Free from all tubes and machines.Praise God !

The First Birthday Party

Sam should having his birthday at Forerunner fellowship this week - thank you for the kind offer of having it there - but due to Sam;s still using the trachea ( we isolate him while using the trachea ), sadly we reject their kindness and prefer to celebrate it in the modest way : a cake at home.
But it turn out to be really special. IEC Youth members were coming to our place on this special day, bringing achocolate birthday cake for Samuel.To our surprise, they even bring food and drinks to celebrate the day .Never thought of having Sam's birthday party this great before in Singapore! Sam looks happy and smile a lot.Though we only can take him out from his room for a minute-photo session, he seemed to enjoy it. Thank you everybody !