Thursday, April 9, 2009


Sam's latest Ultrasound on his liver - done at 13 March - show that there are still some abnormal blood vessels.Doctors told us that it is expected to regress more and disappear as Sam is growing up. Though the liver size is still bigger than normal, Sam is now more tolerate with more feeding. On 27 March as Sam is becoming 9 months old baby, his weigh is still 7.18 kg so doctor decided to give him more concentrate milk.From 540 ml / day to 720 ml / day. Since we need to slowly increase  the feeding, we limit the breathing practising time to 9 hours a day until he can tolerate the feeding. 

End of March -once he was breathless, breath fast with O shape-mouth. Normally ,Sam's breathing is faster than other babies but that time it s even faster ! He seemed quite tired , but Thanks God, after we put him back on BIPAP machine and he vomitted some secretion, his breath was better. He seemed well then. Since now he is recovering from the disease, we believe his breathing will be normal with practising and praying.
Last week we saw speech teraphist to learn how to stimulate his mouth and make him ready for oral feeding.Sam has never drink anything orally since he was 1 month old, so up to now  practically Sam is  8 months out of oral feeding. Doctors not yet allow him to get oral feeding at this moment but we need to keep Sam ready for it.Thank you for friends who gave us a teething toy. It s really useful !

Picture 1 : Breath without BIPAP-still with oxygen theraphy.
Picture 2 : Smile...