Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today, Samuel was went through echocardiogram to check on his heart. They told us that the pressure inside the heart is almost normal now.The Digoxin ( medication for the heart failure ) will not be necessary two / three weeks later. They expect his 'BIG' heart would become normal in size again later on. 
Yesterday they did another bronchoscope and found that the airways are also getting better ! They tried to take out the BIPAP (a portable breathing machine ) and gave a try for Sam to breath on his own with oxigen support only.But after half an hour, sadly, they put him back on BIPAP due to him being breathless. 
They said they probably need to wait for months until Sam's airway muscles becoming stiff enough to keep the airways open so they may take him off the BIPAP. Our God is in control of everything. Surely, we pray and believe that Sam will be free of any machines sooner ! In fact, we believe that Sam already can breath on his own.
And here is another good news : Sam will be discharged end of this week ! Wow, what a good God we have !
Sam will need to come back to ward 46 - in front of PICU which is 46 A - every week for check up. 
( Due to medical concerns, Sam will see doctors in clinic only after he is free of BIPAP )
Sam make such a good progress recently that it also makes our hearts feel much better 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Everyone !

Today Sam is practising to breath with less help from ventilator.They tried to put him 4 hours on CIPAP mode and it seemed fine ! Doctors also mentioning that clinically Sam 's cardia is improved.They plan to have a blood test next Monday.ICU Nurse give him pink balloons for Valentine's day and he seemed to enjoy it ! So, Happy Valentine everyone. Lots of love from Sam to you. XOXO


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Success Surgery

Yesterday afternoon (from 11am til 6pm) Samuel went to surgery. The purpose of surgery is to tie up all the tiny vessels (not cut as I mentioned earlier) so that hopefully the liver can shrink and Samuel can recover faster. The surgery has succeed. The surgeon said he has done the best he can do, to tie up all the vessels can be tied up. Now we wait and hope the operation is effective to the liver, so no other surgery needed. But if the respon is not effective, then the next step is to the liver-transplantation. We pray (and please support us in prayer) that yesterday surgery is the last surgery, and let only God give the heal to Samuel.
Richard & Hellen.