Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine Everyone !

Today Sam is practising to breath with less help from ventilator.They tried to put him 4 hours on CIPAP mode and it seemed fine ! Doctors also mentioning that clinically Sam 's cardia is improved.They plan to have a blood test next Monday.ICU Nurse give him pink balloons for Valentine's day and he seemed to enjoy it ! So, Happy Valentine everyone. Lots of love from Sam to you. XOXO



  1. Hi Sam,
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Wish u a "healthy" future.

  2. hi baby Sam..
    it's me..aunty Lily. i wonder if u know that today's valentine's day..ah,you nod your head ? ic..thats why today you smile for the first time ever! i tell u, your mum was veeeerr..ry happy, so keep showing your smile to your mum, ok ? ah, you nod your head again ? good boy..

  3. Tuhan yang memberikan engkau, Tuhan yang memeliharamu, Sam.

    aku terus sisipkan engkau dalam doa-doa kami. Terus berjuang, buktikan pada dunia bahwa engkau adalah karunia khusus untuk Richard-Helen M.

  4. hi Sam...
    ini tante lia..happy Valentine's day get a BIG LOVE form HIM, and smaller love, but many :-), from us...keep your brave spirit ya baby sam...

  5. Hai, ini ci Lyly and ko Lung, seneng liat foto Sam yg terpesona liat balon pink, pasti Sam tau kita semua sayang Sam, cepet sembuh, Tuhan pasti trus kasih Sam kekuatan sampai Sam dapat reward yang tak ternilai dariNYA. Buat kukuh Hellen, ly ama lung doain biar kukuh dapat kekuatan yang super dariNYA untuk mendampingi Sam melalui jalanNYA yg sekarang kita ngak ngerti, tapi yg pasti hadiah terbaik buat kukuh, suksuk Siung-Siung, Peter dan Sam udah tersedia krn kita setia menuruti jalanNYA.
    KasihNYA tak berkesudahan. Amin

  6. Wah seneng banget bisa mendengar kemajuan kesehatan baby Sam, kita di Melbourne trus mendoakan untuk baby Sam and kalian semua supaya Sam cepat sembuh.

    Sam kamu memang anak yang tabah dan kamu pasti sembuh, ayo Sam kamu pasti bisa.

    Tuhan memberkati

    Jonathan n Fanny

  7. Hi Sam,
    I'm so happy to see you with the ballons
    You look much better and more cute :)
    Hope you can go home soon.
    We all pray for you, God be with you always.
    God already given you more strength than us here.
    Thanks alot for all who has supported us both is pray and financing. God bless you
    tks, aunty ling

  8. Hi Sam,
    This is your uncle Dave - I am so happy to hear that you have been discharged from the hospital and things are getting much better for you. I have to tell you that you are such a fighter and I'm proud of you. Last time I saw you at the hospital back in November you looked determined albeit limited in your physical strength. I am fully convinced that the next time I see you again (hopefully soon), you'll be as strong and healthy as any other boys your age. Just know that you are constantly in our prayers and we have seen with the eye of faith that you have been healed completely.

    Send my love to your mom, dad and brother Peter - they are your heroes

    Uncle Dave
    Boston, USA