Thursday, February 5, 2009

Success Surgery

Yesterday afternoon (from 11am til 6pm) Samuel went to surgery. The purpose of surgery is to tie up all the tiny vessels (not cut as I mentioned earlier) so that hopefully the liver can shrink and Samuel can recover faster. The surgery has succeed. The surgeon said he has done the best he can do, to tie up all the vessels can be tied up. Now we wait and hope the operation is effective to the liver, so no other surgery needed. But if the respon is not effective, then the next step is to the liver-transplantation. We pray (and please support us in prayer) that yesterday surgery is the last surgery, and let only God give the heal to Samuel.
Richard & Hellen.

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  1. Saya dan keluarga akan selalu mendoakan Samuel, semoga segera diberi kesembuhan dan Tuhan melimpahkan ketabahan bagi keluarga. Amin