Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Button on the tummy ?

Stay 1 night at hospital.The test of vomit ( ph Test and Barium test ) show that Sam has moderate level of reflux from his stomach.13.6% reflux. So doctor would like to do fando ( tightening the upper way of stomach ) and put the button on his tummy.Whether it will be done by key hole surgery or by open surgery we dont know yet.The cost is also one of the concern.This week there will be serial check up on Sam's heart, ENT and later his tyroid hormone.
Anyway, looking back at how Sam s progress until now,we are really grateful. So many miracles God has been doing. By faith,we believe God has healed Sam completely-including his airway and vocal cord.We get our spirit back.Cia you Sam ! Plan to go back home to Indonesia next September.

New Issue - The journey not end yet

Airway scope at 18 August.Early morning we rushed to Day Surgery Centre and admit to hospital.Sam was put on sleep and the scope begin.We waited outside nervously.Around 10 am the ENT doctor came. "The vocal cords is not moving at all."frankly she said. "It means cannot take out the tube.May be we need to wait.6 months or 1 year and see how...The words tearing out our hope. Bilateral vocal cord palsy.
How come the vocal cords was moving in June and now not moving ?Not sure.The different scope procedure for vocal cord may affect.Anyway, they really sure this time its not moving.
Such a great mistery human body is.Vocal cords movement enable us to talk. The movement also enable us to breathe even in such a distress condition of flu or cough when there s much muccus in our airway.It also prevent foods or drinks to enter lungs when we swallow.
So, it means cannot breathe and cannot swallow safely.
Sam need to keep on trachea tube until the vocal cord move again, by miracle.An easy thing for God we need to ask for.
While waiting Sam cannot eat orally.But using feeding tube is risky for long period.So  doctor want to do gastrotomy ; a surgery to put a hole on Sam's tummy.The feeding will be given from the tube there.
As Sam sometimes vomit,need to check whether there is a bad reflux problem.Next monday - 24 August they will do the test.Stay in hospital again.If its bad , it means they need to do surgery to tightening the above part of abdomen.Fandoplication.
They did MRI on brain yesterday to check why the vocal cord not moving.Praise God, the brain is normal.Next week need to check the heart to see whether the culprit is there.Anyway,we are facing uncertainty now.Terribly sad