Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Button on the tummy ?

Stay 1 night at hospital.The test of vomit ( ph Test and Barium test ) show that Sam has moderate level of reflux from his stomach.13.6% reflux. So doctor would like to do fando ( tightening the upper way of stomach ) and put the button on his tummy.Whether it will be done by key hole surgery or by open surgery we dont know yet.The cost is also one of the concern.This week there will be serial check up on Sam's heart, ENT and later his tyroid hormone.
Anyway, looking back at how Sam s progress until now,we are really grateful. So many miracles God has been doing. By faith,we believe God has healed Sam completely-including his airway and vocal cord.We get our spirit back.Cia you Sam ! Plan to go back home to Indonesia next September.

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  1. I'll always keep baby Samuel in my prayers, as well his mom & dad, and people around them. I pray that God will heal him and give him strengths. God's undying love will continue to be with baby Samuel and his family. Hope he'll get well soon!