Sunday, September 13, 2009

Surgery Schedule -Not this week !

Finally we met the surgeon for the gastrotomy and fandoplication surgery. Thought he will schedule the surgery either this week or next week so we may go back to Indonesia mid September.Eagerly we wait for what the surgeon said.To our surprise he schedule it  November.Two months later !
 "There will be a good surgeon come from US", he explained. He is expert for doing surgery with robot, a new technology of surgery the hospital is exploring.( We heard it comes with the prospect of less risk, less pain and speedy recovery).He added ,"You dont have to worry , he wont charge you anything." Surely it is the professional fee he waive. Praise Jesus.Whew.
Then there I go to pre -admission consultation room. Its a room where they advice us what to prepare for staying in hospital.A nurse came up and talk about the deposit. Hospital need it on 8 November,one day before the surgery : SGD 19,000.
Taking breath out of me.Why is it so expensive ? I asked.
Our outstanding already more than twenty thn. It ll make the total bill into fourty thousands need to be paid.Nicely the nurse explained on the standard procedure of hospital.It is bill estimation.After discharge, we will get the real number of bill. May be less, may be more. Depend on how many days of stayings,procedures done,etc. 
We just wondering of what God plan for Sam now.Could this mean Sam not yet ready for the surgery ? Could it be another God;s miracle come in a new way ? May be Sam's voice suddenly come out normally ( means the vocal cords already move well ) so we can take out the trakea tube from his neck and then take out the feeding tube - then lead to no surgery needed anymore ? So many "may be" in our minds.
Only one thing sure :by His stripes,Sam has been healed.

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