Sunday, September 13, 2009

Indonesia, we are coming home !

Before surgery, doctors allow us to go home to Bandung , our 
dusty yet lovely hometown.Only advise us to take good care of Sam as he is still using trachea tube.Practise a proper hygiene.WASH HAND -WASH HAND - WASH HAND.We use mask whenever we re near him. Avoid crowds, sick people (or just recovered people ) avoid dust and dirt,bacteria and virus....Well,before we turn into ' hygiene freak', we better try our best and rely on our Good Lord FULL protection on Sam.We ll stay in our relative house temporarily.Again, for the sake of hygiene.
We need to unsubscribe the internet here, so no more update this week.Before that,Many many thanks to all brothers and sisters in Christ, all dear friends in Singapore who always support and help us.To brothers and sisters of IE Church- GII ,GKKKB, New Destiny Fellowship International Church,GISI, NBC Church,Forerunner fellowship,Healing Ministry at Lucky Plaza,Lighthouse Church,Covenant Evangelical Free Church,and many more.
To JC Foundation, Bu Indah ( Prof Chia ) & friends .Friends from HSBC, UBS, DBS,RBS,Fullerton,Standard Chartered. To A Prof Allen Yeoh with the ICU team -Dr.Koh Pei Lin - Dr.Nicola Ngiam. A Prof Prabha and Prof Lenny Tan.Prof Lok ,A Prof Lynne Lim,Dr.Cindy and Dr.Terence Lim.A Prof Marion Aw and all wards doctors.Ms.Teo Ling Nah & Ms.Sharmaine.Last but not least, therapist ;Ms.Karen and Ms.Alicia who take good care of Sam.To many more friends who always support, pray and help us.
We cannot survive without you guys .The whole last year was dark,horrible,unthinkable crazy life yet we found God provision and miracle upon miracle.Immanuel.Thank you for being part of His helping hands sustaining Sam and our lives.
To all dear friends who s having the same struggle.Thank you for sharing the tears and joys.We always pray and support one another.We ve been good fighters,right ? God has win the battle for us.The healing has been ours.We'll never let it go. Just stick to it,will ya ?By His stripes,our childrens ;Christ,Jessica,Nelsen,Steve,Yasko,Joshua,Yola,Alex,Jason,Theo have been healed.Praise Jesus
How is Sam ? He smile and laugh a lot.Sometimes we can hear his voice.little manja but still a good boy.Now, 9.7 kg.Still learn to roll over and sit down.Really need to figure out how to make him catch up the development faster.
Our flight will be at 16 September morning.Finally, after more than 1 year in Singapore (including couple months camping in freezing cold rooms of hospital ), we can go back home ! Mixed feelings.Dont know what to expect back there.A taste of normal life,I guess.Cant wait to see Peter , Sam's older brother.Miss you,dear ! And having all delicious snacks of Indonesia ;batagor,baso tahu ,cendol,nasi kuning, pempek, gemblong- serabi,martabak,hot sekoteng,and off course best of the best : KERUPUK  
Picture 1 : big laugh
Picture 2 : Sam's favourite : bite the towel

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