Sunday, June 7, 2009


Sam decannulation is pending unexpectedly due to full room in ICU. When doctor told us to wait at least one week, we feel disappointed and confused.The schedule was so perfect according to our prayer,and it is sometime unbearable seeing Sam going through the uncomfortable procedures of suctioning and trachea maintenance which sometimes end up with Sam vomit or cry.
But still God show us that He is the one who is in control. And His timing is the absolutely perfect time 
So, we are waiting for the confirmed schedule.Tentatively it will be 1 June for admission and 2 June for the procedure.
"Trust Me" that is what God is saying.We do.


  1. Sam, be strong and patient. Everything will be over. Just wait for His perfect timing....

  2. Happy birthday to Sam
    God be with you always
    Really hope got chance to see you there
    But more hoping you get back home sooner
    Gbu, aunt ling