Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bloody episode

Sam was admitted to hospital at 1 June 2009. We re so excited and anxious. Unfortunately doctor decided not to take out his trachea tube now since they found out that the airway area just above the trachea was significantly collapsed on the left side.Other area ( including area that is compressed by the once enlarged heart ) is perfectly opened.Doctor explained that it may caused by the prolong use of the trachea plus the trachea size  ( size 5.0-shiley ) which is too big for Sam.So ironic , the trachea could not be taken out that time because of the trachea itself.
So, doctor change the trachea tube to a smaller size tube. Normally it will take more than 1 month for the collapse airway to heal.We need to decide when will Sam go through the same procedure of airway scope as it need to be done under general anesthesia.
We need to pray first asking our good Lord as His timing is always perfect.He knows when will be the perfect time for Sam.Tentatively it will be in August or September.
They also did a scope to look at the voice cord and found that the left side was not moving well. It means they could not take out the feeding tube yet.For this kind of scope ( so many kind of scope ! ) we need to wait until July. Meanwhile Sam couldn't take anything orally even for practising.
We re quite sad during this admission as many things happened to Sam ;the difficult times Sam was going through when they set his IV plug made Sam struggling and crying.Set IV plug for patient who s been staying in hospital for long time usually very difficult since they have been poked many many times making the feasible vein so difficult to find.This time is a night mare.Many trials with needle, hours of hours crying-up to 1.30 am !, swelling leg, and finally they put Sam to sleep with gas.Then they set the IV plug on his neck.
Minor bleeding after the scope procedure which cause his mouth full of blood.The blood streak also come out from his neck. Though this is normal, it is painful to see Sam on this "bloody" episode.Well, At least we re one step closer to "free of tubes" episode 
Sam's heart is still slightly dilluted but his cardiac failure is resolved.Two lessions on his liver were seen significantly enlarged but we believe -as our surgeon said it may - that it is the 'dying' tumor change into fibrosis.
God is still in control.Sam has been perfectly healed by His word and power.In His time He will proof it.

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