Monday, May 25, 2009

Prayer & trusting God- they do change things !

Samuel will be admitted to NUH again at 25 May 2009.Tuesday morning, doctors will do the airway scope in operating theatre. Sam will be under general anesthesia during the procedure.Doctor will find out that Sam's airway is open and in very good condition. After Sam gain his conscious back , they will take out the trachea tube. By the power of Lord Jesus, the creator, Sam will breath comfortably through his nose again. He will be staying in HD ( ICU place ) after that for a couple days.
Sam will be free from all tubes as after the above procedure, doctor will take out his feeding tube. After 9 months out of oral feeding, finally Sam will get again the enjoyment of eating and drinking orally : )  About the feeding tube , we have not discuss with doctor yet, but we are praying and believing it will happened soon after the above procedure.
Thank you for all your prayers.Your prayers really works. 

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