Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blessings in disguise

Sam was having cough last week. It is terrible.The cough was so strong he often vomit the secretion.The secretion was yellowish and sometimes pinkish due to irritation for we need to do a lot of suctioning.It was really sad to see Sam in such condition.He looked so discomfort and tired.
We called doctor informing the condition asking whether we need to give him Bisolvon or any medication.
Guess what ? The doctor told us that Sam can cough out his secretion is a sign that he does not need trachea tube anymore ! They can decannulate him ! Of course we need to wait until Sam is recovered from his cough.Well, we believe this is how God fullfill His promise at Mark 11 : 22 - 25. We believe Sam is recovered this week so next week he will be ready for this process.

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