Thursday, May 14, 2009

Off ventilator by the grace of GOD

Finally, Sam is totally off the BIPAP and oxigen machine.Praise Jesus, by His grace He enable Sam to be out of those machines just a week before the rental period expired.The supplier gave us a call asked whether we would like to buy the machine or extend the rental.Joyfully we told him that we would return it instead ! Coupledays ago, the sensor of the oximeter ( machine to monitor oxigen level and heartbeat ) suddenly became error.The thought of buying again the sensor which cost SGD 240 is quite a burden .Yet we ve been tired hearing the alarming sound of it all day long when Sam was using it.Unexpectedly , when we called the hospital informing ourrespiratory therapist, they told us to return it also to the supplier.So, Sam is out of BIPAP,oxigen , humidifier and oximeter this week. How great our living GOD is. Furthermore we pray that Sam can be decanulated soon where the trachea tube be taken out from Sam's neck. It means Sam will start to breath from his nose again and the hole on his neck can be closed.

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  1. Congrats, Sam!! This is really a good and relieving news to me after more than a week waiting for yr update.... Trust God will continue showing His Grace and Power through you.... Look forward to seeing you in Bandung.