Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thank you for the support and prayer. Here is update of Samuel.

D Day - 3

Three more days to wait for decanulation process.All of us are quite nervous yet excited.We re sorry that we could not allow visitors yet to see Sam.We stop Ranitidine ( reflux medication ) to check whether Sam need to be test whether there s a real reflux problem that makes him vomit.The medication itself reduce stomach acid to avoid baby get irritation when vomit. So we really pray and work hard - do anything - to prevent Sam from vommiting.We believe no reflux problem.But vomit due to suctioning -well, trachea related problem - sometimes happened but not as frequent as before.Again,we claim, no more vomit... Sam.Dont worry.Pray and ask.Believe on His Words,Speak of His Words,We ve received His deliverence from tubes ,machines,disease and weaknesses.Hold your breath,we 'll update on D Day : 18 August

Dear friends, may we have a pray request this week ?

For airway scope at 18 August, may God guide doctors and nurses hands to do the anesthesia and scope.No bleeding episode, please.Sam to be ready both his airways and his body to be ready when he wake up to start breathing 100% from his nose again,without using trachea hole on his troat. 

Many Thanks ...

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  1. Hope Sam will get better soon and can breath normal again ya ^^V. Jia Yo and God Bless ^^V